You are BRIDHE TAEVEN currently a 24 YEAR OLD asshole holed up in various parts of TEXAS (and occasionally CALIFORNIA when there is a need for it).

You are a shitty EMPATH and are a general DUMBASS FAEFUCK. Which basically means that no matter what appearances you put on you are NOT HUMAN AT ALL.


Your pesterchum is ephelisFicken and you really don't type in any sort of quirk because that's ridiculous.

>Bridhe: Be the dick in the corner.

No powers, that meant no glamour.  He was moving over the dirty floor, calloused feet scraping over the cement as a grin slowly crawled over his too-wide mouth.  It showed rows of tiny, sharp teeth as he leaned forward to “peel” off his skin. He shed it like a snake, leaving behind pinky flesh and warm freckles, slowly revealing the corpse-like pallor he had worn not so long ago.

Freckles the color of green acid splattered his skin, and glaringly bright hair danced around a face that narrowly tread the edge of the uncanny valley, black eyes staring steadily at his opponent.  As he tugged off his shirt the smell of rotten meat picked up, intensifying as he dropped the material with a slow bow of his head.  An intake of breath, a shudder and a clench of his fists as he leaned over slowly to hug himself.  A soft giggle, a little hiccup and the sound of tearing flesh as his wings all but stabbed through the skin of his back into the dusty air.

His laughing stopped as he seemed to balance himself, standing up with the smell of decay and carrion to give his opponent a steady look.  That grin was back, a cheshire cat staring at Dave through the lighting as those rotting wings fluttered silently.  They shed, a black skeletal mockery of cicada wings that had gone all wrong.  The dropped scales onto their brothers, the paralyzed tarantula hawk wings that served more to remind him just where he came from than anything else.  Both sets were useless, stunted and rotting because of the blood that flowed through his veins.

He is skinny, jutting hip bones and showing ribs.  It shows more as he straightens up, tapping out a cigarette and lighting up as he all but slithers closer to the Strider.  The grin never fades, but it never reaches his oil-slick eyes either.

"Hel-lo, Dave ~<3 It had been a while has it not…?  Heehee"